What You Need From Your Website

Content That Ranks

You need your content to be well-written to land on the first page of Google search results. Only professionally written content will do that.

Engage Your Readers

Content on your website must engage, inform, and educate your readers. This means having well-researched articles that contain links to authorithy sites.

Boost Brand Authority

Your brand is your assest - I appreciate that. That is why articles I write are written with your brand in mind. These are not just "mill-churned" articles, but they are written with your brand in mind.

What I Provide

Professional Writing

I take pride in my writing and ensure every article is expertly written. In addition, I check my work with Grammarly Pro and proofread every article.

Thorough Research

Before writing, I thoroughly research the topic to ensure the article or blog piece is factual and accurate. You can be assured of attention to detail.

Content Strategy

Attention is also given to your content strategy. This includes long-form articles covering a wide range of subjects. I will also include links to authorithy sources.

What You Get (And Don't Get)

What You Can Expect

When writing, I take into consideration what it takes to rank well for Google searches. This includes formating content so that it has a chance of making to Google’s Featured Snippets. 

I use various tools to optimize content to make it 100% unique and the most content-rich article for the keyword. This gives articles the best chance of making to the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

I am happy to work as a ghostwriter, without taking credit for the blogs or long-form content articles. This can help establish your authority in your niche and attract more website traffic. 

But let the results speak for themselves

Below are examples of the results that I have acheived with previous and current clients. Please note, that the clients didn’t employ special SEO tactics to promote the pages. They appear in organic results in the top places on Google search results.

Content Optimization to Rank on Google

Creating awesome content that performs well in the search engines and engages readers is not easy. To give your content the best chance of performing well, I use top industry tools. This ensures that the content I write for you will be the best piece on the internet for the chosen search phrase. How can I be so sure? I use Frase. Find out how it works below.

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